(a)  The admission policy: This is based on an entrance test in Mathematics and English. The test is set and administered by the school and there is no compromise on quality of performance in the entrance examination.

(b)  The operational academic policy: This is shared with both the students and the parents upon admission on the following:

  • Specific learning and academic performance that the school deems will contribute to the development of Oshwal Academy Nairobi Junior High as a Centre of Excellence
  • System and procedures of assessing student performance
  • Examinations and tests
  • Requirements and condition for promotion to the next class
  • Class and school attendance

(c)  The Instructional expectations: The Oshwal Academy Nairobi, Junior High requires that teaching approaches or content delivery be based on “whole child” philosophy; that learning be made enjoyable, fun and a rewarding experience. An early warning system for identification of weak and slow learners is in place. A remedial programme aimed at bringing improvement involves parent right from the beginning.

Please find time to visit our school, offer suggestions, seek answers to your questions, and work closely with us.

Director of Education

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Head of School

Head of School

Mr Muriuki Muigai-Ag. Head of School- Junior High (Click this image to read his welcome message)


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