KulkarniAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, goes the old cliché. As a centre of academic excellence offering the best of British education in Africa, Oshwal Academy Nairobi’s guiding statements mandate us to prepare citizens for the global arena. These are people and personalities ready to navigate the challenges of life starting with university placement, social and cultural growth, international and intercultural commitment and peer fulfillment. Towards this end, Junior High campus has ensured that the students’ out of class engagements are enriched with holistic and stimulating clubs and house activities. Through clubs and house system, the students gain valuable traits in areas ranging from team work, organizational capacities, leadership, logistics, charity, volunteerism, community service and many more. More specifically, students are encouraged to pursue their passions and even to develop these passions if they were not there before.
Our students have gone ahead to become specialists in various national programmes like chess and other areas which continue to inspire many more to be active in clubs and house activities.
This profile seeks to introduce new students to the various co-curricular groups in the Academy and also to keep the school fraternity abreast of activities in school.
We wish to add that the time allocated for clubs and house activities is the Golden Time on Fridays at 2:40pm when the students and their patrons spend time together as teams planning, implementing and reviewing the programmes of their teams. This time is creatively used also through guest speaker presentations, watching educational videos, sports bonanzas, inter house sports, among other interesting programmes. Particularly, students are encouraged to come up with proposals on how to impact the society positively through innovative activities.
Each club and house has staff members seconded to it as patrons or co-patrons and they ensure the children are facilitated to achieve their potential in their respective units. The co-curricular department, which cuts across all sectors of campus life, is led by the Co-curricular Coordinator and the Assistant Co-curricular Coordinator.
As a department we remain committed to bringing up students who graduate from Junior High having well lived the benefits accruing from the core values of the Academy.
Welcome to Oshwal Academy Nairobi – Junior High!

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Director of Education

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Head of School

Head of School

Mr Muriuki Muigai-Ag. Head of School- Junior High (Click this image to read his welcome message)


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