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Study Buddy May 2013


‘Study Buddy’ is a term used by the school to describe the concept of peer teaching. It is a method of instruction that involves bright students (tutors) offering academic help to some selected students (tutees).

Tutors and Tutees work in pairs to master academic skills or content in English and Math from and with each other in ways which are mutually beneficial.This programme is run by the Learning Support Department.


  • Improves self confidence and self-esteem of both tutors and tutees
  • Improves academic achievement
  • Improves attitude towards the subject matter and school in general
  • Improves subject specific knowledge and facilitates deeper understanding of subject matter
  • Provides an opportunity for individualized instruction
  • Provides opportunities for questions and clarification of difficult concepts
  • The development of social behaviors and overall discipline
  • Enhancement of peer relations, interpersonal and communication skills


  • Teachers of English and Math identify tutors and tutees every term
  • The nominated tutors get consent from parents to allow them participate in the programme
  • Learning Support Department conducts training and provides teaching/learning materials
  • Learning Support Department is also in charge of supervision and constant monitoring of the programme
  • The lessons take place on Mondays at 1.15 p.m. and Thursdays at 8.00 a.m. at selected venues in school.
  • Every participating tutor is awarded with a certificate of appreciation at the end of term. The programme is also entered in student’s activity card.

Tutors are expected to:

a)      Show evidence of subject proficiency in the subject they tutor and willingness to participate;

b)      Attend training sessions each term to continually improve competency, knowledge, and tutoring approaches;

c)      Always display a caring, positive, outreaching attitude which supports a learning environment;

d)      Commit to provide academic help to tutees for at least 6 lessons (3 hours) in a term;

e)      Be in-charge of peer tutoring lessons, maintain punctuality and take attendance;

 Tutees are expected to:

i.            Observe punctuality for the lessons

ii.            To attend all the planned lessons throughout the term

iii.            To cooperate with tutors and show appropriate behaviour during lessons

 Monitoring and evaluation methods

The following methods are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme:

  • Observations
  • Attendance lists
  • Tutee work-notes and assignments
  • Tests and Exams


Director of Education

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Head of School

Head of School

Mr Muriuki Muigai-Ag. Head of School- Junior High (Click this image to read his welcome message)


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