All the bees buzzed into the great hall, the place that’s formally known as ‘”The Auditorium,” in the chilly afternoon of 8th May, 2015. It was the all-important, Annual S.B.C – Spelling Bee Contest. A contest that goes back donkey-years and played a vital role in stemming out unfavorable spelling ills!

The contestants (year 7, 8 and 9) were drawn from all the four houses: Impala, Gazelle, Simba, and Flamingo. Each house was represented by three participants , thus:

IMPALA                                         Individual score
1. NAMAN KANTARIA -7B             15/20
2. SAAD DADA-8E                            4/20
3. TWINKLE PETHAD-9D              5/20
GAZELLE                                  Individual score
1. SUMIT DESHPANDE-7A           15/20
2. ZAMIN NASSER-8E                   10/20
3. JAIMIN GALAIYA-9E                15/20
FLAMINGO                              Individual score
1. YASH FATANIA-7E                    7/20
2. KHUSIL SAVLA-8F                   10/20
3. DARSHIL GUDHKA-9G           12/20
SIMBA                                     Individual score
1. DHIR SHAH-7                            20/20
2. JEMIN PATEL -8                      12/20
3. DHIR BID-9B                             17/20
Out of the possible 60 points, the houses scored as follows:
1) Simba- 49/60
2) Gazelle- 40/60
3) Flamingo- 29/60
4) Impala- 24/60
At the close of business, Simba house emerged the winner of the 2014/2015 Spelling Bee contest. On the same note, the overall best Spelling Bee was Dhir Shah of year 7 who correctly spelled all the words subjected to him, scoring 20/20.

Perhaps you may want to know the most popular misspelt word in  history; President Lincoln , misspelt the word “okay” and instead wrote “okey.”  The congress chose to keep it that way to this day- to save face! sad world!
Teachers in Charge
1. Mr.Mokua and Mrs.Kamau

Director of Education

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Mr. Peter Barton, Director of Education, OERB

Head of School

Head of School

Mr Muriuki Muigai-Ag. Head of School- Junior High (Click this image to read his welcome message)


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